from the Port City

Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina, and to the project garage of Tom Stetler. Here, I will attempt to document some notable weekend projects as they unfold.

Nikon D1H - March, 2018

Upon the closing of the last camera store in town ( Southeastern Camera), I found myself in possession of seven "boat anchor" D1H camera bodies. The D1H was introduced in 2001 just prior to the purchase of my first all-manual film camera (a Nikon FM10). I loved the FM10, but Nikon's then flag-ship digital D1X was the camera I really wanted. More than 16 years later, the little brother of the D1X was being sold to me for a song... not just one, but seven(!)... as-is. Per the sales person, "We're not sure they work." Four, in fact, did not. After several failed attempts to Frankenstein a working D1H from the bin of parts machines, I finally succeeded in assembling one that will take, save, and transfer a 2.7 megapixel image at something approximating 5 f/s. The only additional cost has been the purchase of a replacement Ni-MH battery.

Since it's completion, the camera has been a joy to use. Although the resolution and storage (compact flash) leave something to be desired, the rugged construction of this camera and it's "presence" are amazing. I like to describe it as the Toughbook of the camera world (please understand this is coming from an amateur).

What have I learned? A very minute amount of HTML. Being a Wintel-person, this has been my first exposure to firewire. Also, I didn't previously realize that camera firmware hacking is a thing. I was unable to find information about reflashing the D1, but there seems to be quite a bit of activity surrounding newer Nikons. For more info on the D1H, see links below: