This is an attempt to document some notable weekend projects.

Nikon D1H - March, 2018

Upon the closure of the last camera store in town ( Southeastern Camera), I found myself in possession of seven D1H camera bodies. Per the sales-person, "We're not sure they work." Four, in fact, did not. After several failed attempts to Frankenstein a working D1H from the bin of parts, I succeeded in assembling one that will take, save, and transfer a 2.7 megapixel image at something approximating 5 f/s. The only additional cost has been a replacement Ni-MH battery.

Since it's completion, this camera has been a joy to use. Although the resolution and storage (compact flash) leave something to be desired, the rugged construction of this camera and it's "presence" are amazing.

For more info on the D1H, see below:

Kenwood TH-D72a - April 2018

Purchased directly after receiving Technician (N4GVW), because it seemed to offer a diverse enough feature set to allow for exploration. I used it in the truck before deciding an HT is no substitute for a 2m mobile. Used it from the house until I realized I have crushed 2m in my residence with cheap LED lightbulbs. It now plays second fiddle to a Yaesu FT-857, but still gets plenty of use at odd hours in the back yard for satellite passes, and on the road (as the Yaesu really isn't a good substitute for a 2m mobile either). Don't get me wrong- they're both great radios.

Links I found helpful:

Random curiosities: While using a home-made two meter dipole mounted vertically on a tripod w/ telescoping mast, I noticed my reception is consistantly better at 6' above grade than with the mast extended to it's full 24' height (this is with terrestrial repeaters). After being stumped by this, I now understand it might be the base of the tripod acting as radials... DOH! Thanks DJ3UN. Plan for the future is to rig something that will provide a bit of a ground-plane at height.